How Do You Install A Gazebo Netting?

Gazebo netting is a simple project that can add a lot of beauty to your gazebo. It makes your gazebo look more finished and has the added bonus of keeping bugs out! 

Gazebo netting can be used to protect from pests, but it also protects you from sunburns and insects like mosquitoes. 

It’s easy to install if you have the right tools and some patience. In this post, we’ll walk through how we installed our own gazebo netting so you can do it yourself!

Adding netting to a gazebo is a great way to keep out bugs and provide privacy.
Netting can be attached to a gazebo using hooks, clips, or ties.
It’s important to choose the right type of netting for your gazebo based on your specific needs.
Measuring netting for your gazebo requires taking accurate measurements of the frame and adding a few inches for a proper fit.
Cleaning gazebo netting should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Have Everything Ready

Before you begin, be sure to have everything necessary on hand. This means having a plan of action and making sure you have all the tools and materials ready to go. 

Additionally, if possible, it’s best to have a helper helping out with this project so that they can assist in holding things up as needed while you work.

How to Attach a Mosquito Net to a Gazebo

Prepare The Canopy

To prepare the canopy, you want to make sure that it is clean and without any damage. You should also check that it is dry, as wet canopies will not hold up well in high winds.

You’ll need to inspect your canopy for any signs of damage or defects before installing gazebo netting on it. It’s important to inspect for bent or warped parts as well as cracks, holes and missing screws or bolts.

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Hang Your Netting On The Hooks Or Velcro

Attach your netting to the hooks or velcro. Make sure it’s secure and not too tight. Use pins or clips only as a last resort!

Using nails is more time consuming and will leave holes in your gazebo, so avoid this method if possible.

Arrange It Nicely And Carefully

Do not just throw it up there. You could, but that won’t look good and you’ll likely have to take it down and do it again. Instead, arrange the netting carefully so that there are no wrinkles or folds in any place on the frame of your gazebo. 

You should also try to avoid having any sharp edges where two pieces of material meet—this can happen when you don’t install them perfectly straight or if you cut them too short before installing them.

If you’re using a standard vinyl material for your netting, then this will be quite easy to do because they’re usually sold in rolls with a backing on one side that makes mounting super simple—just stretch the material across your frame and staple or tape it along both sides. 

As long as everything fits together nicely and doesn’t hang down too far (which can get caught when opening doors), then all is well!

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Remove The Gazebo’s Canopy

  • Remove the canopy from the gazebo.
  • Unsnap and remove it from the frame.
  • Remove any netting that’s attached to it. This is where you’ll be doing most of your work, so get ready for a test of patience and endurance!

Unsnap the canopy from its connection to the metal frame, then carefully remove all remaining traces of netting from it as well as removing those last few remnants from around your lawn chair (or whatever other object you’re using).

Hang Netting Strips For Hanging Your Netting

Before you hang your netting, you need to prepare the canopy. Lay out the canopy as you normally would and flip it over so that the backside is facing up. Measure a strip of rope along one side of the gazebo and mark where they should go.

Wrap each rope with one long piece of netting by pulling it tight around both pieces simultaneously. This will help keep them in place when you’re working on hanging your netting at the top later on.

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String Up Your Netting

Use a ladder to string up the netting.

If you have a trellis or other structure you can use, that’s great! Hang the netting from it and get ready to attach it to the frame as described below. If not, see if there are any trees or tall posts that are sturdy enough for you to attach the netting to; these will serve as your structure for hanging up your gazebo.

If you don’t have anything around that is sturdy enough for hanging up your Gazebo Netting, then try using a pulley system instead (see image above). 

You’ll need two hooks at either end of the gazebo and then two pulleys on each hook so they sit flat against each other without slipping off/tilting over sideways while keeping tension on both sides simultaneously–you may need Help With This Part since it requires some weight in order not fall over!

Set Up Your Gazebo As Per Usual

The first step is to set up your gazebo as per usual. You’ll want to make sure that the netting is secure and taut, but not too tight or loose. 

It should also be at a height that’s comfortable for you—not so high that it obstructs your view of the table, but not so low that small children could reach their hands through it and touch hot food.

Finally, make sure that any bunches in the material are smoothed out so they don’t interfere with eating or drinking.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed a gazebo netting in under 15 minutes!

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Attach A Screen To The Inside Of The Canopy If Necessary

If you have a screen on the inside of your gazebo, it’s easy to attach it to the netting. You can simply use Velcro (or any other fasteners) to secure them together.

If you don’t have a screen, but want one, that’s also easy to do—simply attach some rope or elastic string across the top of your gazebo and loop it through the top bar at each end of the screen. This will keep it in place while still allowing air flow.

For those who really want their privacy and don’t mind making some noise: consider adding an extra layer of netting over your existing canopy! 

This will help keep out flies and other pests while still allowing light through for daytime dining comfort!

Secure One Side Of The Netting Via Velcro Or Loops And Hooks

Then, secure one side of the netting via velcro or loops and hooks. Attach hooks to one side of your canopy and loops to the other. This will keep everything in place while you install this part of your gazebo.

Then, attach hooks to one side of your canopy and loops to the other. This will keep everything in place while you install this part of your gazebo.

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Use Pins Or Clips To Secure Any Loose Folds In Your Netting, If Necessary!

If you notice any loose folds in your netting, you can use pins or clips to secure them. This is a good idea if there are a lot of folds, or if there are any noticeable gaps between the material and the posts and beams.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to install gazebo netting. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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How do I attach netting to a gazebo?

There are several methods for attaching netting to a gazebo frame, including using hooks or clips to secure the netting to the frame, or using ties to tie the netting to the frame.

What type of netting should I use for my gazebo?

The type of netting you should use for your gazebo depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include mosquito netting, which helps keep out insects, and privacy netting, which provides additional privacy.

How do I measure netting for my gazebo?

To measure netting for your gazebo, first measure the dimensions of your gazebo frame, then add a few inches to each measurement to ensure the netting will fit properly.

Can I add netting to a gazebo that’s already been assembled?

Yes, you can add netting to a gazebo that’s already been assembled. However, it may be easier to install the netting if the gazebo is partially disassembled.

How do I clean gazebo netting?

The best way to clean gazebo netting depends on the type of netting you have. Some netting can be cleaned with mild soap and water, while others may require more specialized cleaning solutions. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and care.