How to Get Cheap Flower Bouquet Delivery?

Who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because, flower bouquets can brighten anyone’s day. But let’s be honest, flower delivery can sometimes be pretty pricey. 

So, how do you get those stunning blooms delivered without breaking the bank? Stick with me, and I’ll share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned as a pro blogger on how to score cheap flower bouquet delivery.

Sourcing Flowers Like a Pro 🤫 10 Places to Get
1. Compare prices and services from multiple florists to find the best deal.
2. Use discounts, coupons, and seasonal offers to lower costs.
3. Consider DIY options for more budget-friendly flower arrangements.
4. Opt for local florists and subscription services for potential savings and personalized service.
5. Read reviews and check delivery terms to ensure a smooth and affordable experience.

Why Choose Flower Bouquet Delivery?

A person holding a bouquet of flowers in front of a door.

Flower bouquet delivery is the ultimate convenience. You get fresh flowers delivered right to your door or your loved one’s doorstep, without the hassle of going to a florist. Plus, with the variety of online services available, you can find something that suits every taste and budget. But what exactly are you paying for when you order a flower delivery? Let’s break it down.

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Understanding Flower Delivery Costs

Breakdown of Costs

When you order a flower bouquet for delivery, several costs are rolled into the price. Here’s a quick look at what you’re paying for:

  • Flowers: The actual cost of the flowers themselves.
  • Labor: The cost of arranging the bouquet.
  • Packaging: Wrapping, vases, or any other materials used.
  • Delivery: The cost of getting the bouquet from the florist to the recipient.
  • Service Fees: Additional charges for handling the order.

Factors Influencing Prices

Several factors can influence the overall price of your flower bouquet delivery:

  • Type of Flowers: Exotic and out-of-season flowers cost more.
  • Delivery Location: Remote areas may have higher delivery fees.
  • Delivery Time: Same-day or express delivery usually costs extra.
  • Customization: Personalized arrangements can increase the cost.

Tips for Finding Cheap Flower Bouquet Delivery

Shop Around

Don’t settle for the first florist you find. Different florists offer different prices for similar bouquets. Check out a few options before making a decision.

Use Discounts and Coupons

Many online flower delivery services offer discounts and coupons, especially for first-time customers. Sign up for newsletters or search online for promo codes.

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Buy in Bulk

If you need multiple bouquets, buying in bulk can save you a significant amount. Some florists offer discounts for larger orders.

Consider Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are usually cheaper because they are more readily available. Plus, they tend to be fresher and last longer.

Opt for Local Florists

Local florists may offer better deals than big online services. Plus, supporting local businesses is always a good idea.

Subscription Services

If you regularly send flowers, consider a subscription service. These services often offer significant discounts for regular deliveries.

Top Online Flower Delivery Services


ProFlowers offers a wide range of beautiful arrangements at competitive prices. They frequently have sales and discounts, making them a great option for budget-conscious shoppers.


1-800-Flowers is a well-known name in the flower delivery industry. They offer a variety of options at different price points, and their customer service is top-notch.

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FTD (Florists’ Transworld Delivery) has been around for over a century. They offer a satisfaction guarantee and have a wide selection of bouquets.


BloomNation connects you with local florists, ensuring fresh, unique arrangements. They also offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees.


UrbanStems offers modern, trendy bouquets with a focus on sustainability. Their prices are reasonable, and they offer free delivery in some areas.

Comparing Delivery Services

Price Comparison

ServicePrice RangeDelivery Fee
ProFlowers$30 – $150$10 – $20
1-800-Flowers$25 – $200$10 – $25
FTD$35 – $180$15 – $30
BloomNation$40 – $160$10 – $20
UrbanStems$35 – $120Free – $15

Delivery Times

Delivery times can vary depending on the service and location. Here’s a general comparison:

ServiceStandard DeliverySame-Day Delivery
ProFlowers1-3 daysYes
1-800-Flowers1-2 daysYes
FTD1-3 daysYes
BloomNation1-2 daysYes
UrbanStems1-3 daysYes

Customer Reviews

Checking customer reviews can give you a good idea of the service quality. Here’s a snapshot of average ratings:

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ServiceCustomer Rating

DIY Flower Bouquets

many different types of flowers in paper bags

Sourcing Flowers

One way to save money is by creating your own bouquet. You can source flowers from local markets, grocery stores, or even your garden.

Arranging Your Bouquet

Arranging flowers can be fun and therapeutic. There are plenty of online tutorials to guide you. Get creative and make something unique!

Packaging and Delivery

Packaging your bouquet nicely adds a personal touch. Use simple materials like brown paper and twine for a rustic look. For delivery, consider hand-delivering if possible to save costs.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Last-Minute Orders

Ordering at the last minute can limit your options and increase costs. Plan ahead to get the best deals.

Ignoring the Fine Print

Always read the fine print. Hidden fees can sneak up on you and inflate your total cost.

Not Considering Delivery Location

Some areas may have higher delivery fees. Make sure to check if there are any additional charges for the delivery location.

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Getting a beautiful bouquet delivered doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a bit of planning and savvy shopping, you can find great deals and brighten someone’s day without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to buy from a florist or create your own bouquet, the key is to be smart about your options and enjoy the process.

Further Reading

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How can I save money on flower bouquet delivery?

You can save money by shopping around, using discounts and coupons, buying in bulk, considering seasonal flowers, opting for local florists, and using subscription services.

Are there any hidden fees in flower delivery services?

Some flower delivery services may have hidden fees such as service charges or higher delivery fees for remote areas. Always read the fine print to avoid unexpected costs.

What is the best time to order flowers to get the best price?

Ordering flowers well in advance of special occasions can help you get better prices and avoid last-minute rush charges. Seasonal flowers are usually cheaper and fresher as well.

Can I make my own flower bouquet to save costs?

Yes, creating your own flower bouquet can save money. You can source flowers from local markets or your garden and arrange them yourself using online tutorials.

What are the benefits of using a flower subscription service?

Flower subscription services often offer significant discounts for regular deliveries, ensuring you have fresh flowers frequently at a lower cost compared to one-time purchases.