How Do You Get Rid Of Urine Smell On Pavers?

I love my paver patio, but it’s not always the most pleasant place to be. I just found out that my dog has been using the space as his personal toilet, and now there are urine stains everywhere. The problem is, those stains are really hard to get rid of! 

Proper and prompt cleaning of dog urine from pavers is essential to prevent long-term damage.
Using a cleaning solution specifically designed for pet urine is the most effective way to clean dog urine off pavers.
Natural cleaning solutions and enzymatic cleaners can be used to remove urine smell from pavers.
Training your dog to go to a specific designated area and using deterrent sprays can prevent your dog from peeing on outdoor pavers.
Bleach should not be used to clean dog urine off pavers as it can cause discoloration and damage to the paver surface.

Here’s what worked for me:

Get A Handle On The Mess As Soon As Possible

If you have a dog, it’s important to get a handle on the mess as soon as possible. The longer urine stays in contact with the pavers, the more difficult it will be to remove. 

If you can, use a paper towel to soak up as much of the urine as possible. Rinse with water to dilute and rinse any remaining residue off of your pavers.

If you’re unable to do this yourself and would prefer not hiring someone else (which is understandable!), try putting some baking soda on top of each stain before going to bed at night—the baking soda absorbs odors from gases that escape from urine when it sits for long periods of time on surfaces like concrete or pavement. 

You’ll want about 1/4 cup per affected area; if there are multiple stains around your yard that need attention at once after an especially bad weekend where no one was home all day long while everyone drank too many beers then stumbled outside into their backyards where they promptly peed everywhere because they couldn’t hold themselves anymore!

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Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great way to neutralize the smell, and it will also absorb any excess urine. It’s inexpensive, easy to find, and won’t leave a residue on your pavers once you’re done cleaning them.

Just sprinkle some baking soda over the area where the urine was deposited, then sweep it off with a broom when you’re finished (or let nature do its work if you don’t want to touch anything). 

After you’ve swept up all the baking soda, use clean water and a rag or towel to wipe down your pavers one more time before going inside for dinner.

Spray Vinegar

Vinegar is a great cleaning product and will help break down the smell of urine. You can use it to clean up pet messes and even vomit. 

It’s a natural disinfectant, so you don’t have to worry about using it around your kids or pets. Just spray on the vinegar and wipe away with a cloth or paper towel!

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Regular Cleaning Is Essential

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pavers is essential to keeping them smelling fresh and looking good. 

This includes regular scrubbing, sweeping and washing. If you have a pet that frequently urinates on the pavers, then you should do this more often than if you don’t have pets. 

However, even with pets there should be no need for daily cleaning as long as the urine has dried completely before it gets to that point. 

If your dog or cat urinates on the pavers while he or she is outside (or inside), then always use a hard bristle brush or stiff broom to scrub at least once a week.

If there is fresh urine present on your pavers but they haven’t been cleaned yet this week, then use a sponge instead of either of these tools because sponges are much gentler than brooms or brushes can be in this situation.

Use Bleach

You’ll be able to clean up urine stains on your pavers by using bleach. Bleaching agents are a good disinfectant, so they’re helpful in removing urine smells from surfaces. You can also use them to clean carpets and other fabrics that have been stained by pet pee.

In order to use bleach to remove the smell of pet urine, you’ll want to mix it with warm water and then apply it directly on the surface where you see signs that your dog has urinated on your walkway or patio. 

You may need more than one application for complete removal of all traces of this type of odor as well as stains caused by it; however, if you apply enough bleach in sufficient amounts over time (continuing until there is no more discoloration), you should be able to eliminate all evidence that there was ever an accident here!

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Remove Stains Before They Set

If you’re dealing with urine stains on your pavers, the best thing to do is remove them before they set. 

This may be a little tricky if you have a large area to clean, but it will be worth it in the long run.

First, use a wet rag or sponge to wipe up as much of the stain as possible. You don’t want any residue left behind that could cause problems later on. 

Next, use a dry rag or paper towels to absorb excess moisture from the area and prevent further staining. If there is still some moisture left in the concrete after this process (which is likely), wait for about 30 minutes for everything to dry completely before proceeding with next steps.

Next comes scrubbing! Use either a stiff bristle brush or stiff bristled brush like this one from Norwex and start scrubbing away at those stubborn stains until they come off completely without leaving behind any coloration whatsoever!

Steam Clean Your Pavers

This is the easiest way to get rid of paver urine. If you have a steam cleaner, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it. 

It can be helpful if you also have a small amount of soap in with your cleaning solution. The soap will help break down stains and kill bacteria that can cause odors.

If you don’t have access to a steam cleaner, try this method:

  • Mix 1 quart warm water with ½ cup ammonia and ¼ cup liquid dish detergent
  • Pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray directly onto surface until fully covered (you may need more than one spray bottle depending on size)
  • Let sit for at least an hour or overnight (ideally overnight), then rinse thoroughly with water

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Try A Good Degreasing Cleaner

If you’re not interested in using vinegar or baking soda, consider a good degreasing cleaner. Degreasers are concentrated liquid detergents that work by breaking down the proteins in urine. 

You can find them at any hardware store and they come in gel or spray form (though they all have pretty much the same ingredients).

Use caution when working with these cleaners though! Wear gloves and eye protection when applying them to your pavers, especially if you’re using a gel-type product. 

Also remember that this stuff is strong so don’t use too much—a little goes a long way!

Do It Yourself!

There are many ways to clean urine stains from pavers. If you have a few minutes and some basic cleaning supplies on hand, you can get rid of the smell and look of your pavers in no time.

First things first: you need to make sure that there’s no more urine on your patio! Here are two great options for doing so:

Sprinkle baking soda over the area to absorb any remaining moisture and encourage bacteria growth. Mix in 1 teaspoon (5 ml) dish detergent with water in a spray bottle, then gently spritz it onto the baking soda until evenly coated. 

Let it sit for 30 minutes or so before vacuuming up both surfaces together with a vacuum cleaner equipped with an attachment designed specifically for hardwood floors (such as one made by Shark). Repeat if necessary until all traces of odor are removed from your patio surface.

Mix 2 tablespoons (30 ml) each bleach and dish soap into a bucket full of warm water; then soak paper towels into this solution before laying them out flat onto your patio surface–this will help dry up any liquid that may still be lurking beneath its surface while also destroying any bacteria present during each cycle!

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Hydrogen Peroxide Can Help Break Down Urine Smell

You can use hydrogen peroxide to break down the urine smell on your pavers. Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent cleaning product that has many uses, including removing stains from carpet and getting rid of bad odors in your home. 

You will need to apply it directly onto the wood and leave it there for at least 24 hours before rinsing off with water.

Don’t worry—the hydrogen peroxide won’t harm the wood or cause discoloration!

Use Detergent To Break Up Strong Odors

You can use a regular dish detergent to break up strong odors. Spray the detergent onto the pavers and let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe off excess liquid with a towel, rinse the towel in the sink, and you’re done!


Clean your pavers to keep them smelling fresh and sanitized. The good news is that it doesn’t take much time or effort to do this! 

When you have a pooch or other pets in the house, then it’s important to keep things clean so they don’t track dirt onto your floors—and vice versa.

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How can I remove urine smell from my outdoor pavers?

You can use enzymatic cleaners, natural cleaning solutions, or vinegar and water to remove urine smell from outdoor pavers.

What is the best way to clean dog pee off pavers?

The best way to clean dog pee off pavers is to act quickly, blot the area with a towel, rinse with water, and use a cleaning solution specifically designed for pet urine.

How do I prevent my dog from peeing on my outdoor pavers?

You can train your dog to go to a specific designated area, use deterrent sprays, or install a barrier to prevent your dog from accessing the outdoor pavers.

Will dog urine damage my outdoor pavers?

Yes, dog urine can damage outdoor pavers over time if left untreated. It can cause discoloration, staining, and even erosion of the paver surface.

Can I use bleach to clean dog urine off pavers?

No, bleach is not recommended for cleaning dog urine off pavers as it can cause discoloration and damage to the paver surface. Use a pet-specific cleaner or a natural solution instead.