Are Flying Squirrels Friendly? (My Experience)

Flying squirrels are adorable creatures, and they’re also rather unusual. They’ve got the best of both worlds: they can fly like birds, but they also have the bushy tails and big eyes that make them look more cuddly than their avian cousins. 

These little critters are so cute that many people want to keep them as pets. But before you rush out and get yourself one of these adorable animals, you need to know a few things about them first!

Key Takeaways
Flying squirrels are small, nocturnal mammals known for their ability to glide through the air using flaps of skin.
They can make good pets for experienced owners who are willing to provide specialized care and attention.
Their diet consists of nuts, seeds, insects, and fruits.
Flying squirrels hibernate during the winter months to conserve energy and survive in cold temperatures.
Some species of flying squirrels are threatened or endangered due to habitat loss, climate change, and other threats.

Are Flying Squirrels Friendly?

Flying squirrels are very friendly creatures, and they can be great companions for children. They will become more friendly if they are handled regularly when young; however, sometimes a flying squirrel may still bite a human or another animal if threatened in its territory. 

If you have a pet flying squirrel that bites you or your family members, try to help it get used to being touched by gently brushing it with a soft cloth or offering food from your hand. 

A pet flying squirrel is unlikely to bite unless it feels threatened or has been mistreated in some way.

A day in the life of my Flying Squirrels!

Do Flying Squirrels Make Good Pets For Children?

Flying squirrels make great pets for children. They are easy to tame, and they are not dangerous to humans. Flying squirrels can be very affectionate, and they don’t mind being held or petted by their human owners at all. 

In fact, depending on the personality of your flying squirrel (some are more outgoing than others), he may actually enjoy being around you! 

He’ll also show his affection with some cute noises and gestures that he uses only when interacting with people – like chirping or nuzzling your hand when you touch him gently.

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Are Flying Squirrels Dangerous To Humans?

It’s important to remember that flying squirrels are not dangerous. They do not bite, carry disease, carry rabies or any other infectious diseases. 

They are also not poisonous or venomous. While they may be slightly more skittish than other small mammals, they’re still animals that can be handled by kids and adults alike!

It’s important to note that while these little rodents aren’t aggressive towards humans (unless you try to eat them), they will react if you’re too close for comfort so it’s best not to corner one against a wall or glass enclosure it could startle him into biting in self-defense!

Are Flying Squirrels Nocturnal Predators?

Flying squirrels are nocturnal predators. They hunt and feed on small insects, nuts and seeds during the day, but they become more active at night. The flying squirrel is omnivorous; it eats both meat and plants. 

While they may seem aggressive towards humans, they are actually very docile creatures that prefer to stay close to their home (your house) rather than venture out into the wild alone. 

If you have a pet flying squirrel that’s becoming too restless at night or during the daytime hours when you’re away from home, consider keeping him in a cage with some toys so he has something else other than your shoes to play with!

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Are Flying Squirrels Easy To Tame?

Flying squirrels are relatively easy to tame, but you have to be patient. They have a very short attention span and need constant stimulation. 

They cannot be handled by children or inexperienced handlers because they are prone to biting and scratching if they feel threatened or scared.

You should also handle your new pet flying squirrel regularly so that it gets used to being around people and knows that humans are its friends. 

If you want your pet flying squirrel to become tame enough for handling by yourself, then find an experienced handler who can teach you how to do it properly!

Are Flying Squirrels Dangerous To Keep As Pets?

Flying squirrels are not dangerous. They can be kept as pets in an apartment or house. Flying squirrels are not aggressive and they will not bite you if you touch them. They also do not scratch people, so there is no risk of a flying squirrel scratching you.

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Where Can I Buy A Pet Flying Squirrel In My Area?

If you are interested in purchasing a pet flying squirrel, there are many places to buy one. The most common sources are:

Pet stores

Online shopping sites

Breeders and rescue centers that specialize in flying squirrelsThe best place to purchase your new friend will depend on what is available in your area. 

If they do not sell them at the local pet store, then you may want to visit an online store or contact breeders and wildlife rescues near where you live.

Are There Any Dangers To Owning A Pet Flying Squirrel?

Your flying squirrel could be a threat to you, your family and other pets. Flying squirrels are small, which means they can fit into small spaces easily. 

They also have sharp teeth and claws that can cause injury if handled improperly or if the animal feels threatened by someone or something in its environment. 

If you have small children who live with you, it’s not safe for them to interact with a flying squirrel because of the risk of being bitten or scratched by one.

If you do decide to bring home a pet flying squirrel, make sure that whoever is responsible for taking care of it has been trained on how to handle these little creatures safely so they don’t get hurt—or worse yet, hurt someone else!

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Can You Keep A Flying Squirrel As A Pet In An Apartment Or House?

Flying squirrels are great pets to own if you have a small space. They can be kept in an apartment or house, but they will need a cage that allows them enough room to fly around and move around freely while they are not playing outside of it. 

Flying squirrels do not require much space indoors as long as they have enough room to jump and climb on their cage walls.

Flying squirrels are fairly silent animals and do not make much noise when they are inside their cages, so most people do not have problems with them being too noisy for neighborhood living situations.

Is It Okay For Children To Touch Or Play With A Flying Squirrel?

Flying squirrels are not dangerous to humans. If a flying squirrel bites you, it will only do so in defense and then quickly retreat back into its cage. However, if you or your child encounters a wild flying squirrel out in the wild, it is best to leave them alone as they are very territorial and may attack if threatened.

Flying squirrels can be kept as pets in an apartment or house. They do not require much space at all and their cages can fit on small bookshelves, dressers, and tables without taking up much room at all. They also do not make too much noise which makes them ideal for those with roommates living in close quarters!

Flying squirrels can be trained to do tricks for their owners just like cats or dogs would learn tricks from their owners if only asked nicely enough!

Flying squirrels are nocturnal predators who eat mostly insects but also like berries from time-to-time too especially during summer months when fruit trees produce more fruit than usual due to warm temperatures lasting longer than usual each season!”

“Flying squirrels are fascinating creatures that are not commonly seen in the wild. If you’re curious about these elusive animals, you may be wondering how rare they are. Check out this article to find out about the distribution and population of flying squirrels, and learn about the efforts being made to protect them and their habitat.”


Flying squirrels are great small pets for children and adults alike. They have a lot of personality, but they also need lots of attention from their owners. 

If you’re looking for something that will keep you entertained and add some fun to your life, then consider getting yourself a flying squirrel!

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What is a flying squirrel?

A flying squirrel is a small, nocturnal mammal known for its ability to glide through the air using flaps of skin that stretch between its legs and body.

Are flying squirrels good pets?

Flying squirrels can make good pets for experienced owners who are willing to provide the specialized care and attention they require.

What do flying squirrels eat?

Flying squirrels are omnivores and typically feed on a diet of nuts, seeds, insects, and fruits.

Do flying squirrels hibernate?

Yes, flying squirrels hibernate during the winter months to conserve energy and survive in cold temperatures.

Are flying squirrels endangered?

Some species of flying squirrels are listed as threatened or endangered due to habitat loss and fragmentation, as well as other threats such as climate change and deforestation.