Are Fake Flowers Bad Feng Shui? (Gardener Advice)

I’ve always loved the idea of feng shui, but it’s hard to be a good practitioner if you don’t know what you’re doing. The most important part of feng shui is making sure that your home looks beautiful and clean. You can do that with fake flowers! 

Artificial plants can be used in Feng Shui to enhance energy flow and create balance in a space.
High-quality artificial plants that closely resemble real plants are ideal for Feng Shui.
Plants with rounded leaves or shapes that resemble elements of nature, such as water or wood, are recommended.
Artificial plants can be used to correct imbalances and negative energy in a space according to Feng Shui.
Placement of artificial plants for good Feng Shui depends on the specific needs of the space and the energy flow.

Here’s everything you need to know about fake flowers in your home:

Are Fake Flowers Bad Feng Shui?

When it comes to feng shui, fake flowers are bad news. They should be avoided at all costs. Even if you’re not convinced about the long-term effects of feng shui on your life and health, you should avoid using fake flowers in a room or part of your house because they can bring immediate bad luck and bad karma too.

The reason that fake flowers are so harmful is because they don’t carry the same positive energy as their real counterparts do. 

This means that no matter how hard you try to clear the air around them, there will always be an undertone affecting your life negatively.

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Is It Bad Feng Shui To Have Fake Flowers In The House?

No. Feng shui is about energy, not material. And whether it’s real or fake, a flower is still a beautiful and natural decoration that can add life to your space. 

If you really want to stick with the theme of feng shui though, I would recommend using actual plants (like bonsai trees) rather than flowers because they are living beings that require care and attention more like pets than decorations!

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Will A Fake Flower In My Room Affect My Luck?

No. Feng Shui is not about luck, it’s about energy. If you want to know if a fake flower will affect your luck, first ask yourself what kind of energy you want in your life and then create an environment that supports that energy.

If someone tells you feng shui is about luck, run far away from them as fast as possible because they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Is It Bad Feng Shui To Have Fake Flowers In My House?

It depends on what you believe. If you’re a believer in Feng Shui, then yes – fake flowers would be considered bad Feng Shui because they don’t have their own energy and are objects of imitation rather than authenticity. But if you don’t believe in Feng Shui at all, then no! Having fake flowers won’t affect the way your life turns out.

If you want to use artificial flowers for any reason other than saving money or being allergic to pollen (or just getting tired of watering them), there’s no harm done by using them as decor around your home. They’ll add beauty and color without requiring much maintenance from you or anyone else who might live there too!

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How Can I Tell If The Flowers In My House Are Real Or Fake?

To tell whether your flowers are real or fake, you should look for the following:

A stem. Real flowers have stems; fake flowers don’t. You can also see if there is any pollen on the flower’s stamen (the male part of a plant), which means that it’s alive and real!

Thorns/leafs/stems/pollen/etc… If you want more proof, feel free to check out our article on how to tell if your plants are real or fake!

Does Having Fake Flowers In Your Bedroom Affect Your Health?

They can be bad for you.

If you are allergic to flowers, having fake ones in your bedroom could cause health problems. If you have allergies, they can be bad for you. 

If you have asthma and smoke or use incense or candles often, then having fake flowers could aggravate your condition because of the dust that comes off them when touched and the potential for allergies from the chemicals used in their production.

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Does Having Fake Flowers In Your Home Affect Your Wealth?

If you want to know whether or not fake flowers are good for wealth, the answer is: it depends.

In some ways, fake flowers can be beneficial to your wealth. For example, if you have a lot of money and don’t want to spend any more of it on real plants, then by all means go right ahead and get yourself some fake ones. 

They’ll do just as well as the real thing! But in other ways they can be detrimental because they might attract negative energy into your home (which will affect your health), so make sure you’re aware of these risks before making any decisions.

Does Having Fake Flowers At Home Bring Good Luck?

You might have heard that fake flowers are bad feng shui, or you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. It’s true that having fake flowers in your house will bring bad luck and affect your health, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should get rid of them if they’re there already. 

In fact, some people feel confident enough in their feng shui that they can use fake plants to their advantage as long as they know how to use them correctly.

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Can A Fake Flower Ruin Your Life?

Yes, it can. A fake flower can ruin your life by causing you to lose your job, lose your girlfriend and lose your home.

I don’t know what kind of person would actually do such a thing as having fake flowers in their home but I hope they are punished accordingly. In fact, this doesn’t even have anything to do with Feng Shui; it is just plain evil and should be stopped immediately before someone else suffers the consequences of their actions

What Are The Best Feng Shui Plants?

In the south and east, you’ll want to bring in plants that are warm and moist. This includes a money tree, bamboo, dracaena, aloe vera and gerbera daisies. 

In the north and west corners of your room or house you can use plants that are cool and dry including palms (strawberry palm), cactus (Sedum) or succulents such as Echeveria or Crassula ovata ‘Hazel’.

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How Long Should I Leave My Plants Out In The Sun?

When you buy a plant, make sure that it’s real. You can tell if a plant is real by looking at its leaves. If the leaves are smooth and shiny on top, then the plant is probably fake. If the leaves look like they’re made out of plastic or cardboard, then it’s probably real.

Don’t forget to water your plants! The best way to do this is by using a watering can or watering bottle–you don’t want to over-water them because then they’ll die! And if it rains outside your house, just leave them be until tomorrow morning and then check on them again in case anything needs attention.

If you follow these steps when caring for your plants (and if I’ve gotten my facts straight), then someday soon we might meet again…I hope so anyway

Does Feng Shui Work For Real Plants?

There’s no question that feng shui works for real plants. The ancient practice is all about how energy flows through your home, and having greenery in the house adds a natural element that can help bring balance to your life.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, feng shui is all about creating an environment that’s conducive to peace and serenity. Plants are an easy way to achieve this goal because they’re beautiful, give off a pleasant smell, and provide shade when you need it most (read: when it’s hot outside).

Are Plants Good For Feng Shui?

One of the best ways to improve your feng shui is by adding plants to your home. Plants are an easy way to make a room feel more relaxing and comfortable, especially if you don’t have time or money for other improvements (like painting or decorating). 

They also help clean the air in your home and make it easier for you to breathe a great benefit if you’re suffering from allergies!

There are all kinds of different plants that can bring good energy into your house. The most popular ones are bamboo palms, peace lilies, English ivy, spider plants and bromeliads (also known as air plants). If one type of plant doesn’t work out well for you or looks bad in a particular room then try something else instead! 

You may find that having lots of small houseplants instead one large one works better because they’re easier maintenance-wise plus they won’t take up much space at all once fully grown up too quickly either which means less effort overall getting everything ready

Before moving on over here too soon without any warning whatsoever except maybe some slight hinting beforehand but not enough time left over afterwards either even though there were signs everywhere saying otherwise beforehand so.

What Kind Of Plant Is Good For Your Bedroom?

When choosing a plant for your bedroom, be sure to choose something that is the right size for the room. If it’s too small, it will look out of place. If it’s too big, you may have trouble finding a spot for it in your house. 

Also, make sure you choose a plant that is easy to care for and maintain. You want something that doesn’t require a lot of work on your part or excessive watering or pruning (or any other maintenance task). 

Lastly, make sure that whatever plant you pick has pleasant smelling flowers or leaves so they don’t add an unpleasant odor to the air in your bedroom!


You may have heard the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” meaning that what is beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to another. Well, this applies perfectly when it comes to Feng Shui and plants. 

Some people love them, some people hate them. And there’s nothing wrong with either side! But if you want a little more information on whether or not your plants are good for your home, then we hope this article helped even just one person decide what will work best for them (and their friends!).

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What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that involves arranging the environment to enhance positive energy flow, promote well-being, and create balance.

Can artificial plants be used in Feng Shui?

Yes, artificial plants can be used in Feng Shui to enhance energy flow and create a harmonious environment. They are particularly useful in spaces with limited natural light or in areas where live plants may not thrive.

What types of artificial plants are best for Feng Shui?

Silk or high-quality artificial plants that closely resemble real plants are ideal for Feng Shui. Plants with rounded leaves or shapes that resemble elements of nature, such as water or wood, are also recommended.

Where should I place artificial plants for good Feng Shui?

Placement of artificial plants for good Feng Shui depends on the specific needs of the space and the energy flow. In general, they should be placed in areas that need a boost of positive energy or balance, such as corners or areas with sharp angles.

Do artificial plants have the same Feng Shui benefits as live plants?

While live plants are preferred in Feng Shui, artificial plants can still provide some of the same benefits. They can improve air quality, create a calming atmosphere, and enhance energy flow if used properly.